Linnea Garrett (USA)


Principal of Chicago Tech Academy.

Linnea Garrett is the principal of Chicago Tech Academy High School, and under her leadership, they have become the only high school in the district implementing whole school project-based learning. In the five years since her arrival they have witnessed a 30 percent increase in the number of freshman on track (a US metric that assesses potential to move to a four year college degree program) and a 20 percent increase in the four-year cohort graduation rate.

She has been profiled by The Atlantic magazine and Education Changemakers latest book Dream Team and is a Deeper Learning Equity Fellow. She holds two Masters degrees in education and leadership and has dedicated her career to helping students in the most challenging of situations.

Linnea is an inspiration, a powerful educator and at Educhange she will be sharing her world-class project based learning approaches at both EC19 and the EDLAB.

Aaron Tait