Ray Trotter & Kieran Nolan

Ray and Kieran.png

Learning leaders at a school that is famous for being ‘happier than Disneyland’.

Wooranna Park Primary School is a place that pushes the limits each year on what is possible in public education. Teachers can choose to teach in a spaceship, a dragon, or a time machine and in 2018 students created their own crypto-currency. 

Principal Ray Trotter is an exceptionally creative educator in his late 70’s who has committed decades of innovation to the school, attracting the attention of some of the world’s leading education thinkers. Kieran is much newer to the profession but represents the next generation of education innovation with deep expertise in blockchain, gaming, virtual reality and coding.

We invited Ray and Kieran to EC19 for a few reasons. Firstly we think they have a huge amount to share, and we want the EC tribe to learn from them. Secondly we also thought it would be special to demonstrate how innovation can bounce between generations, and witness two educators who are dedicated to lifelong professional improvement.

Aaron Tait