Kate Parker


Crew member of Sea Shepherd and environmental activist.

Kate Parker has been a member of Sea Shepherd for five years, starting off as an onshore volunteer; fundraising for the organisation and promoting marine conservation in her spare time. Kate’s passion for the organisation grew to the point where she made the decision to leave her job as a speech pathologist to volunteer in the engine Room of the MV Steve Irwin – Sea Shepherd’s flagship vessel.

Kate joined Sea Shepherd because she was passionate about the world’s oceans and felt she needed to move beyond words and be part of taking real action. In December of 2016 she set sail on her first campaign, as part of Operation Nemesis to Antarctica as part of the organisation’s 11th anti-whaling campaign.

Kate will share her stories of battling illegal whalers in Antarctica to dodging bullets from poachers in Mexico as well as her motivations, inspirations and highlights along her journey from ocean admirer to front line environmentalist activist.

At EC19 she will share big ideas, big inspiration and ways that you can encourage your students to make big decisions for what they believe in.

Aaron Tait