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22nd and 23rd August - Melbourne 

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2019 speakerS

Each year we work hard to curate a mix of brilliant teachers, inspiring school leaders and a few radical thinkers to stretch your thinking and give you practical ideas to take back to your students. You can hear from many of these speakers at our main event EC19 on the 23rd August, and at EDlab19 on the 22nd August.



the Conference

Friday 23RD august 2019 - $110 - Melbourne

EC19 is a one day (midday to 5:30pm) professional learning event for teachers and school leaders. You will hear from a carefully curated group of incredible educators and innovators and have the chance to engage with them in deeper dive sessions. The day is about adding to your inspiration levels but also giving you practical ideas you can implement immediately back in your schools. And of course, there is great food and drink throughout the day as well as many chances for networking! 

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eDlab - 19

Thursday 22nd August 2019  - $110 PER TICKET

We are all about supporting educators to build real things that make a real difference for kids (that’s why we are called Education Changemakers and not Education Changetalkers). The day before the big event (EC19), we are running the EDlab, which is an action-focused day of learning, building and connecting. You can come by yourself, or with a team and from midday to 5:30pm we will move through a design thinking process to help you solve an education challenge that you identify. During the EDlab you will have the chance to hear from and work alongside the brilliant experts that we are flying in from all over the world. So you will learn a bunch, meet some inspiring and experienced educators and walk away with a real strategy to launch in your school. There are two streams during the EDlab, and these are ‘Leading Great Learning’ and ‘Leading Great Schools’ with more information on these streams below. You can decide which stream to join on the day. This price also includes great food and drinks and a networking event at the end of the day.

The two streams are detailed in more depth below:  


Leading Great Learning EDlab Stream

Are you always looking to create cutting edge curriculum that provides powerful, engaging, future-focused learning for your students?

This stream during the EDlab has an absolute focus on helping you to lead powerful learning for your students. Facilitated by the award-winning Education Changemakers team, this is your chance to spend focused time with some of the best learning designers at EC19, and across the day build out a new unit of work for your students. You will walk away inspired, with a unit you can implement immediately and a stack of great activities, inquiry questions and learning approaches to add to your practice. During the masterclass you will engage with:

- The crew from Lumineer Academy as they share their powerful future focused approaches.

- Teachers from Think Global School who run one of the most diverse learning models in the world.

- Teachers from Wooranna Park, one of the most astounding school spaces in Australia.

- A team of the most innovative educators we know in Melbourne!

This stream is designed for teachers, Directors of Learning, pre-service teachers and students.


Leading Great Schools EDlab Stream

Are you a school leader that is looking for a refreshing fix of ideas, inspiration and connections?

This stream during the EDlab is designed for school leaders and gives you the chance to spend a day with some brilliant school leaders, hear inspiring stories of education leadership and be equipped with a range of practical tools to implement immediately back in your school. The stream is facilitated by the school leaders in the Education Changemakers team and across the day will engage with:

- The CEO and co-founder of Education Changemakers and the co-author of the best selling school leadership book ‘Dream Team: How innovative leaders change schools’.

- Leaders from the Think Global School who run one of the most diverse learning models in the world.

- The Principal of Wooranna Park Primary, who is known as the Walt Disney of Australian schools.

- Leaders from Lumineer Academy, one of the country’s most innovative schools.

- The Principal of the astounding Chicago Tech Academy.

This stream is designed for principals, system leaders, CEOs, and leadership teams.

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MOre from EC


EC Workshops and Programs


Education Changemakers provides professional development workshops for more than 25,000 teachers and school leaders around the world each year. If you want to see how the EC team can come to your school, visit our website!


The Educhange Podcast


At Education Changemakers we work to support and unleash teacher led innovation. The Education Podcast is just one more way we are working to bless teachers. As one of the most downloaded podcasts in education in the world, we think it is worth a listen!


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